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New Layout, no updates, other than, I'm going to update When Kakei met Saiga by the end of the month. The rewritten and soon to be sent new chapters are going through the beta-in process.

Although in Feb, I want to complete about 3 songfics, more chapters of Help Me, and a series of Valentine fics (will probably be about 5, like with the x-mas fanfic including DN Angel, Tsubasa, Resident Evil 4, Full Metal Alchemist, and something else I dunno what I'll do yet, maybe I'll base it on popularity if people actually want to vote) scattered releases throughout the month, I have to see what my schedule is like.

Well, that's all I wanted to say basically. Oh, and I organized the Memories feature, as you all know it's got chapters of everything I've posted here in there in case you missed them.

See you guys around. ^__^

Holiday Fanfiction!
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Ahh, the toils and stresses of buying people gifts.

A series of 5 one-shots and different fandoms! They have been Beta'd thank you very much my beta-readers!

Happy Holidays Once Again!

Harry Potter fic: Harry/Cedric (click here.)
Bleach fic: Gin/Rangiku (click here.)
Legal Drug fic: Kazahaya/Rikuo (click here.)
Hot Gimmick fic: Shinogu/Hatsumi (click here.)
Samurai Champloo: No fixed pairing (click here.)

Dai-chan in Wonderland (Finally)
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Yep. Here it is finally, and with TWO NEW CHAPTERS! Just a little x-mas present to you DN Angel fans. I'm so sorry about the unreasonably long wait.

And as an added x-mas present to you all, I wrote some x-mas fanfiction (5 one-shots to be posted later). Fandoms being Harry Potter, Bleach, Legal Drug, Hot Gimmick, and Samurai Champloo. When I finish the last two, I'll post them up.

(I'm going to say it again, but ...)

Title: Dai-chan in Wonderland
Author: jillrocca
Rating: PG-13-ish
Fandom: DN Angel
Pairing: Daisuke/Satoshi – hinted Dark/Krad (later)
Disclaimer: If I owned DN Angel, the characters wouldn't annoy me so much. Thank gods for Satoshi. And ... YES! The title has no significant…standing in what this story is actually about except that it all mixed up. Let’s just say Daisuke’s DNA only reacts to Satoshi and Dark…well, I’ll think about him later. And it’s cuter because Daisuke doesn’t know that his DNA only reacts to Satoshi. Because really, poor Daisuke’s always being used by Risa. I want to turn into Dark and slap her senses back in (wherever they went).
Summary: What would happen if Daisuke's DNA never reacted to Risa? It only reacts to Satoshi and Dark we'll save for later.

Things to remember:
Italics Daisuke’s thoughts (obviously=Dark can hear these)
((text)) Dark talking to Daisuke
/text/ Dark talking out loud

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4

PS: Don't add yourself to the community I post these stories in ('jillroccastuffi') 'cause I just use that for the story links. Post all reviews/comments to this post after you read it, please.
PPS: All of these chapters are un-beta'd. Feel free to correct any grammatical errors and let me know.
PPPS: Note, I added a few helper sentences in the previous chapters so that chpt. 3 made a little more sense.

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Erm, so, I FINALLY got around to rewriting When Kakei Met Saiga, but unfortunatley, it's just the first chapter. I do try to find free time where I can write, but....I shall try harder! Trust me, if you went to my school and knew me well, you'd know I'm doing too much. But marching band is almost over, so my weekends shall be free..r...freer.

Only a couple small altercations...I'm trying to work it so that I explain more about what's going on because I'm pretty bad at describing things, but you shall judge. This is un-beta-ed.

And by the way, I put my stories to my memories, so after I post, there they shall be.

Title: When Kakei met Saiga
Author: jillrocca
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: boy on boy LOVE!
Fandom: Legal Drug
Pairing: Kakei x Saiga
Disclaimer: Belongs to the geniuses at CLAMP. If it belonged to me, Rikuo would be on top of Kazahaya by now, and Kakei and Saiga would get a heafty amount of pagecounts.
Summary: Takes place before the start of legal drug, Kakei is 18, and Saiga is 21, blah blah blah, they are in college. Saiga's a tad forceful in this as far as sexual pressure goes, but then again, that is the making of those CLAMP boys.

Chapter 1!Collapse )

Poll time!
(Stupid free accounts won't let me create a poll!!!)

Ques: Do you want me to keep writing the story to continue with their entire year, not just ending with the party scene?
Answers go in comments please!

Empty Expressions
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I come as the bearer of bad news...

So...I WAS writing stuff for you all, but it's pretty incomplete AND until November I will be extrememly busy...

Of course when I type this I will magically get obscene amounts of time to do what I love, but for now, don't expect me to update anything until Field hockey and marching band are over. When they are, I will most certainly be able to manage my time, unless I get some random big English project for school.

So, that being said, I'm really, really, really, sorry. I feel so bad for making promises for chapters and then not being able to keep them...

OH yes, and an important question: Does anyone know how I can put the stories I've posted up on the userinfo page? Thanks!

I feel so bad!
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Okay, so I might have lied about Dai-chan in Wonderland! I intially wanted to write two chapters of D-chan last week, and I had a whole schedule I wanted to follow on monday! And it would have worked too if my friend hadn't come over to use the computer and since it's so slow it took about 2 hours of my time and then the other computer wouldn't take her disc...I know, I'm sorry! I hate having all these excuses, but my schedule was crazy for the rest of the week....but if I finish the 3rd chapter today, you and I will be happy people.

Err, so anyway after I FINALLY finish my homework I'll get cracking on that and re-writing Kakei/Saiga.

BUT! I thought I'd put this little chapter out of my super fic that crosses over with....everything that I like. (As far as Harry Potter, video games, and anime is concerned.)

Disclaimer: (Sighs) I’ve been wanting to start this story for quite some time now, but I guess I was trying to plan for it and all. This is going to be probably the longest story I put out on because it’s got a lot of sequels, crossovers, things to explain, and general fun. I really hope people like this.

Important Note: Anyway, this is a huge crossover fic between the Harry Potter books/Anime/Video games. If you’ve never read/watched/played, I’ll try and make it easier for you all to understand, but it shouldn’t be that hard to understand. To all those who do know about what I’m talking about, I will try to keep all characters in their character too. This story kind of revolves around Harry Potter (the book in general) if I think about it, but there will be a lot of weird things going on with the animes and such. There will be three sets of stories with their own sequels and such. And I even have my own characters and such and have put characters together as families.

The Sets:

Set 1 is set in the marauder’s period and it’ll be the root of all things in this fic, like all the explanations of things and such, but in the other sets, there will probably be some explaining to do in there. Seriously, if you don't read these...err, rather if I don't write them, you will be incredibly lost.

Set 2 is set around Harry’s time, and I’m making it more modern, like the 90's around this because it’s so much easier, note that Harry is still school with his buddies and will begin around 6th year (my way), but with a few mini-series’ in the beginning including a cooler account of Harry’s summer in OotP and an alternate ending to OotP.

Set 3 will be set in the future telling you what Harry will be doing in his adult life (HP will be around 22 years old) and all of his friends and even Malfoy. Lots of interesting stuff there. Set in the 2000's...makes it easier on me...

Further notes on the sets:

Set 1 will have about 3 stories in itself. The first being an account of their 4th year so I can explain everything. And OAV-typed 2-part thingy. It'll just be something fun I pulled together for sustenance. And the last one will be the account of their summer before the 7th year back to Hogwarts, lots of dark stuff may happen in there and yeah...that's the only one that'll be rated R.

Set 2 will have about 2-3 mini series, and 2 major series. Harry’s 6th year will probably go nowhere until I get the next book and 7th year will be extremely major, but I think I have to read the book to work in my ideas before I write it though.

Set 3 will have one important season and then the sequel will probably be just nonsense stuff and relationship building, but fun.

And now I THINK I’m done explaining all of this, so I can get on with your first chapter ever! I PROMISE I WILL UPDATE AS FAST AS I CAN! I’ll probably do it like, I first write a lot of chapters before hand, and post them out as fast as possible, but I must also get to my other stories, but I promise that if people like it a lot, I WILL update as much as I can. Well actually, what I want to do is write all the chapter first and then put them out...or at least a few chapters at a time...I honestly work more on writing than I do things like school work...I feel so unreliable to you guys, I'm really sorry. But I'm kind of trying to write them as my mood permits, like if I feel like writing one thing, I'll write it, but don't worry it'll all get done. I'm really hoping that I'll be done 4 or 5 parts to different sets by at least January.

But anyway, the fun stuff I want to do when this stuff gets out and if people actually like this, is hold little contests and polls (ie- favorite couple, etc). Eep! You have no idea how excited I am by this story....

( Onward to the prologue! )

P.S.- Oh yes, I have a mess of original characters too, so look out for them...but only about 1 of them appears in the first set. And I kind of changed personalities of people who the things I read/play/watch don't delve into, but it's only like 1 character. If you've played Final Fantasy 10, it's Yuna's father Braska. Heh heh heh heh...

The Short Stuff
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I'd really love to be able to write at least one chapter a week in certain schedule...like, by the end of this week I want to have the next chapter of Dai-chan In Wonderland to all of you DN Angel fans. Then during the next week I want to seriously revise When Kakei Met Saiga before Kara kills me. (I promise you'll love it even more! It'll warm the heart & soul!) It's be even more awesome if I could write a chapter of everything I want up to the week a night so at least you'll have something, but I'll only post it all on Friday or Saturday. So now that that's been said...

Short Fics Not Updated (click the numbers to get to the chapters):
xxxHOLiC: Thoughts on Hitsuzen - 1, 2 (COMING...SOON!)
Harry Potter (HBP Spoils): Dry My Tears - 1, 2 (COMING SOON)
Yami no Matsuei: Can't Tell - 1 (ONE-SHOT ONLY)
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Attraction - 1, 2 (Coming soon)
Harry Potter: Harry Potter and the Order on eBay - 1 (Discontinued, but I thought I'd post it just for kicks.)

Heart of the Sword Fanfiction
[CEL] Zac Efron/Ashley Tisdale Beach
Ahh, here you go! Disclaimers and such inside:

( Follow this cut! )
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9 *NEW!*

ENJOY! Warn me of spelling mistakes in chapter 9, I was in a rush to get it to you all! And I changed it...make it the third/fourth to last chapter.


Random Updates
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Err, let's see! YES! I am posting fanfic, but later, and I PROMISE I WILL GIVE YOU HEART OF THE SWORD CHAPTER 9 WHETHER MY HOMEWORK LIKES IT OR NOT!!! I think I'll actually write it after I do this random stuff to get formalities out of the way.

Ahem, as pertaining to my fanfiction, I'd like to change a few things and really, some of them I realize kind of need to be re-written so those will be done. I'm going to type up a list of stuff that will be changed like pairings and the like...now! (Because it would be senseless if I didn't.)

I'll do the most popular stuff for this list only:

Heart of the Sword: No re-write! Mainly because it's being turned into *surprise!* and it's all right the way it is.
When Kakei met Saiga: Yeah, I'll probably re-write some of it so that the last chapter and epilogue are just perfect for you all. (I'm so sorry Kara!!! I'll do it quickly, I promise. I really hope I don't jinx myself by doing this.)
Dai-chan in Wonderland: Hmm, I'm thinking about ending it at the end of the second book because it's going to be dragged out since I only have the 2nd book, but if someone wants to give me a really nice review of the 3rd book or where they want it to end, then I'll write it.
Space Age: Don't worry, I haven't given up on this, but it does need some serious re-writing. I need to work on my skills at dscribing things because I'm so bad at it.
Help Me: Yeah, I'll probably re-write only a little bit of it, but since I love it so much it'll probably be updated faster. And I'm also changing it to be more of a Fye/Kurogane centric fic because they're more my favorite couple than Syaoran and Sakura (personally, I'm getting tired of the given couples besides like Bleach stuff, but that's not Tsubasa) and plus I have more fun with them, and so Sakura and Syaoran will be more of a side story to help the main story develop. So Fye/Kurogane fans be happy. <(^_^)>
Past, Present, and Future Imperfect: Long-arsed title...but this will be updated, I like this fic a lot too, but I just don't know where it's going to go. So, sorry! But look for an update in about a week or two.
Thoughts on Hitsuzen: I've decided it's only to be a 2-part saga in the Yuuko/Watanuki relationship. Expect next part if not by this Sunday then by next...weekend..sorry! I hate to complain and such, but I have school now which makes it increasingly hard to write and update.
Tokyo Madness: Heh heh...Fye/Kurogane centric, but with a lot of Syaoran/Sakura in between. I'll update that as soon as I get my chapter 4 back...it's on my dad's computer all the way in Georgia (I live in Pennsylvania) and he's supposed to send me a harddrive, but if it takes a maddeningly long period of time, then I'll just rewrite the next one....

Irregular pairing fanfiction:
Attraction: I love writing things that people won't expect to see, but I just saw a fanlisting for the pairing (Fye/Syaoran) and wrote a fic! I'll probably write a Fye/Sakura fic in the near future and dedicate it to my friend because she likes the pairing, but that'll be a one-shot. And this fic will probably be 2 parts only.
Startling Similarities: This'll probably end up being a Seishiro/Fye fic since it's really experimental and confusing, so...Fye/Kuro & Seishiro/Subaru fans beware unless you want to laugh at how useless it is. But I love doing random pairings like this that are so out of the norm. It's fun!

Fanfiction of X-mas Future:
  1. For all of you FMA-yaoi fans expect Roy/Ed slash.
  2. Heart of the Sword-lovers, expect a one-shot sequel
  3. Harry/Draco & Remus/Sirius HP fans, expect a mess of songfics
  4. Crossover fanfic-lovers, expect...well, it'll be cool, I'll post the first chapter of my super-crossover fic I have no idea what to call later...heh, I might even make contests for you all and have a mess of polls. I just HOPE I can finish most of it by X-mas time!!! It would be the perfect X-mas present to myself.
    Thank you so much! I really appreciate you helping me! I need as much help as I can get since I have so many original stories that really if anyone else likes my writing and wants to read & correct my novels, I'm open for anyone!

TO ALL THAT READ An Interview with a Purpose, and those who are doing my questionaire chapter:

Send this in a comment or email to mdaidoujisan@yahoo.com:
  1. Name: (Or what you would be liked to be called in the fic)
  2. And answers to the following questions (note: You may be as funny and creative as you want with them, no need for formalities, and also I might cut you off, especially if you say something weird and the Anti's will come and mop you off the stage! ^_^ Also, I will not make myself or Fred ask you all of these in order in the fic. Oh, and you don't have to answer them all actually, but around five-ish if you please.)
-What do you think of the Riku/Sora relationship?
-How do you feel it is developing at this stage in the game?
-Do you think Riku is being a bit rash with Sora's affections?
-Do you own any Sora/Riku plushies?
-If so would you be willing to give them up for the greater good of the people?
-How would you feel if Riku went head to head in combat?
-Who are you betting on will be the winner?
-If Sora or Riku could get pregnant, or adopt, what sex would their kid be and what name would they give it?
-How do you feel abotu male on male relationships? Do you enjoy them being broadcasted?
-How would you go about telling someone that you love them?
-Would you think a male on male dating game would be entertaining for a filler show?
-If so, who would your favorite pairings be to match up in the service?
-Who's your favorite host? Jill or Fred? (Not a trick question!! Jill, Fred, Del, Remus, and Rue will all still love you!)
-Would you like the reappearance of the highly spirited 'Jill-Puppet'?

Yes, most don't have to do with Riku and Sora, but it makes a good fic.

THANK YOU FOR STAYING WITH ME! If I missed anything tell me, and I shall now proceed to writing Heart of the Sword.

Hello Everyone!
[CEL] Zac Efron/Ashley Tisdale Beach
Hey everyone, thanks for joining my community and for posting the comments I really appreciated them! ^_^

Yes, well, about the fics and such, I have to compile them all into one other of my journals and then, I'll LJ cut them to you all, because I know you all probably don't want to hear everything chapter by chapter again...I might also rewrite some of them, but the first things I'll put up will be Legal Drug stuff so hopefully by this weekend, I'll even have new chapters for you!

I'm currently looking for a beta reader since I do a lot of my own original works, so if anyone wants that job e-mail me as mdaidoujisan@yahoo.com. But you might not see some stuff until later when I finish this other one that I'm quite proud of the idea for...And yes, I need a really good beta please, I'm not too good with criticism, but if I hope to have those published soon, I'm going to need someone. So thanks if you want that.

I shall post more soon!


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