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encore 3
[CEL] Zac Efron/Ashley Tisdale Beach
jillrocca wrote in jillroccafanfic
SUPER WARNING: I didn't seriously beta this one because I wanted to just put this out there and start writing the next chapter because it will have waaay more Chad/Ryan. I hate establishing chapters, but I find them necessary. However, if anyone would be willing to beta the next chapter I could probably have it by tomorrow evening or the next day. Thanks! :)

Title: Encore
Fandom: High School Musical
Pairings: I give you NOTHING. (Do I even know myself?)
Summary: They’ve all met up again. Ryan’s curiosity as to why more than half the group split leads him to suggest they get dinner much to Sharpay’s and Gabriella’s dismay. BUT! As their stories are revealed, can the friendships and relationships patch up once again? Or will they lose themselves in the big city and go back to ignoring one another?
Warning: At the top. If there is a substantial amount of crap grammar, I apologize MOST sincerely.

“Troy!” Richard Astrellus was the second person since he got to Philadelphia to pull Troy into a vice-like grip.

“Mr. Astrellus …” Troy said warily. It was eight in the morning … way too early, especially since he had basically slept until two the previous day, exhausted from unpacking and grocery shopping. Who knew finding a store in the area would be so hard? He eventually found himself outside of Center City and found a random store, bought food and then got lost on the way back to his apartment, but at least he had food, right?

Troy had walked into the studio this morning to see people running left and right trying to get organized. He himself had been ushered into Mr. Astrellus’s office where the man had immediately come around his desk and hugged him.

Mr. Astrellus was all business after he finished. He steered Troy out of his office and they walked together as Mr. Astrellus brought him up to speed.

“Got here about ten minutes ago, we’re set to do costume fittings, episode run-throughs for the writers and directors, and rehersal for some of the songs the band members will have to perform. I can’t wait until you hear the guy we picked as the lead singer, he’s spectacular.” Mr. Astrellus showed him into a meeting room where a group of people were sitting. Troy couldn’t help but smile at the comment made about Ryan.

Mr. Astrellus sat at the head of the meeting table and among the group of people Troy noticed that the head writers, producers, and all the directors were sitting together. Also, Troy noticed the accountant that Mr. Astrellus had hired to help with budgeting for the show and the set designers were there as well. Troy wedged himself between the head writers and Mr. Astrellus got to business.

“We are here this morning for a preliminary budget meeting. I just want to make sure everything is in order in each department and if we happened to miss anything the script and sets require but haven’t been able to get, etc, etc.” He propped his elbows up and laced his fingers together and rested his chin on them. He looked anxious.

One of the set designers said, “Everything is in order for the first four episodes, but we may need to make a few adjustments to the stage setting … and we forgot to buy a tour bus …”

One of the head writers said to him, “But we don’t go on tour until next season ... if we get there.”

The set designer sat back. Troy sighed. Astrellus noticed this and said, “Mr. Bolton is right, have some faith Phil. I don’t pick up and move all the way over here just to be punched in the face.”

Phil, one of the head writers, held up his hands and said, “All right, all right,” he sounded exasperated.

Phil was a real pessimist. Troy knew this from interning with Astrellus Productions. Astrellus only held onto Phil because he was a genius writer. He really knew how to warp a scene in just the right image to get the directors to film it right and any actor worked well with his script. Phil morphed actors into the image of the characters with his scriptwriting.

The meeting went well after that. Everything seemed to be in order except for a few missing parts of the sets, like a few lamps, which Astrellus and the accountant authorized money for and as soon as the meeting was over, the set designers raced out to different shops.

Troy followed Astrellus, who gave him his next task. “Now Troy, the actors are being fitted on the second floor, can you go make sure everything is in order and the actors aren’t too overwhelmed? Also, when they are done, bring them all to the fourth floor so we can begin the episode run-through? Thanks Troy.” Mr. Astrellus didn’t wait for an answer because he was then taken by the camera crew to the built-in sets on the ground level and they were running over location shooting and all that …

Troy moved downstairs to the second floor, the meeting was on the sixth where the administrative offices were, and suddenly got excited. Things were finally starting up. Today would be busy as hell, yeah, but he was going to enjoy it like nothing else. He was finally in the field! (Plus the next few days of shooting would be far worse than today. Astrellus told him they’d make whole episodes in eight days or less. Editing included.)

The elevator opened right into the costume area. It was like an episode of Project Runway in here. There was an area for the long sewing tables to sit with their machines on them and there were rows and rows of clothes and in a far corner of the floor were all the actor dressing rooms including one for special guests and one big one for extras that came on the show. Directly to the right of Troy was the make-up station with about five chairs for the actors. The stations were organized now, but just wait until they started filming …

However, none of the actors were in their dressing rooms. They were in the area between the sewing tables and the row of clothes and the costume designers were throwing and pulling clothes on them. The three head costume designers were going back and forth between the five band members and some of the other main characters letting their assistants fit all of them.

Finally Troy saw Ryan. Ryan also saw Troy. Troy waved and smiled right before he noticed Ryan was only in his underwear, then he kind of pulled his hand down slowly and felt his face fall. This was embarrassing.

Ryan smiled embarrassedly too. A fitter said to Ryan, “Okay Ryan, your all set to go.” Ryan felt relieved and ran into his dressing room to change back into his clothes. He had not been expecting to see Troy so soon and pretty much naked.

He changed back into his jeans, white oxford shirt and the red sweater vest, grabbed his black pea coat and walked out of his dressing room. He headed over to Troy and smiled at him.

When Ryan reached him Troy said, “The lack of hats is unsettling,” he joked. He said it in that sarcastic voice he always used to use back in high school when joking with anyone. Ryan laughed.

He said, “I’ll remember that,” They smiled at each other before Ryan asked, “So, what are you doing in here?”


Ryan felt embarrassed again, “I know that! I mean, in the costumes …”

“I know what you meant, I’m sorry,” Troy smiled again, which made Ryan felt stupidly embarrassed. Troy went on in his sarcastic voice, “Mr. Astrellus wants to make sure that his actors aren’t too overwhelmed in the fitting process. He doesn’t want you frazzled while we rehearse the script for the first episode.”

Ryan chuckled, “When I got here, it was mass chaos. I can’t imagine getting to filming. I heard we’re rehearsing the songs today?”

“Yeah, Rich wants you guys in the recording studio tomorrow.” Troy said with a look of deep sympathy.

Ryan felt tired already. “Great … wait, there’s a recording studio in this building?”

Troy nodded, “It’s underground. I think they’re also using it as part of the set.” He explained.

“Oh.” Ryan and Troy watched the other actors get fitted. One girl, the bassist character, was taking longer than usual because she seemed to be a little thinner than what the costume designers had bought for her so she was getting re-fitted in all kind of things. A few other main characters like the manager and the producer were having fit troubles with their suits and things.

About an hour later things were finally pinned and under control. Troy could finally lead them all to do the script rehearsal.

Troy called over the people, “Okay everybody listen up! My name is Troy, I’m the assistant director. Mr. Astrella asked me to take you all to a meeting room where we’ll rehearse the first episode that you all memorized prior to coming here …” Troy felt like a damn camp counselor. They were staring at him with faces asking ‘is this guy for real?’ Awkward.

Ryan made a face.

Troy blushed. “Anyway … just … just follow me, all right?” He tried to roll it off his shoulders, but after this the actors weren’t going to take him seriously at all now. Great start. He had always hated Mondays. (Cursed things)

“You were … great!” Ryan said smiling as they pressed their way to the meeting room.

“Don’t rub it in.” Troy said still feeling embarrassed.

Part 2 (the LJ post was too large)



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