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Here be the Help Me
[CEL] Zac Efron/Ashley Tisdale Beach
jillrocca wrote in jillroccafanfic
Hello everyone. Sorry for all the long waits and all, I'm really trying, but it's really hard to find time to write.

But anyway, I got Help Me beta'd finally, so here's the first two chapters again, and I'll get to the third as soon as I can. Oh, and When Kakei Met Saiga has also been beta'd, so I'll post those up, and you'll be happy now: Chpt. 7 is almost finished and it's really long, so when I'm done, I'll post it.

Title: Help Me
Author: </a></font></strong></a>jillrocca
Fandom: Tsub Re-Chron
Pairing: Fye x Kuro, (sidebar) Syao x Saku
Rating: PG-13, borderline R
Disclaimer: Resi-Chron is not mine! All hail to the makers at CLAMP!
Summary: AU. Syaoran is not the most popular boy in his high school and to make things worse, he’s fallen for the cutest girl in school, Sakura. And Sakura thinks she may find him cute. One of their teacher’s, Flowright-sensei is rumored to be dating the principal Ashura-sama, but is Ashura more perfect that he seems? The jealous gym teacher will most certainly be keeping his eyes on that one.
A/N: I love writing for Tsubasa.

Chpt. 1
Chpt. 2



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