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Valentine's Day fics
[CEL] Zac Efron/Ashley Tisdale Beach
jillrocca wrote in jillroccafanfic

Hello everyone. Happy commerical holidays!!! ^__^ I hope you all won't be too lonely. I wrote this Resident Evil 4 fic to keep you Leon/Ashley fans warm and fuzzy. If you haven't played the game ... GET TO YOUR NEAREST VIDEO GAME RETAILER NOW!!!!!!



Title: Ashley, it was always you
Author: jillrocca

Rating: PG-ish
Fandom: Resident Evil 4
Pairing: Ash/Leon
Disclaimer: I wish I owned Luis’ pants, but sadly I do not. I wish I owned Aida’s kick-ass skills, but sadly I do not. I wish I owned Leon, but (cries) sadly … I DON’T! And I wish I was Ashley! I’d get to touch Leon!!! But sadly, I can’t do that … Ah, and ‘Cindy, it was always you’ is a song sung/written by Steven Wynn, not me. Dedicated to my friend Lauren.
Summary: It’s almost Valentine’s day and Ashley’s been oddly flirtatious with Leon …</span>

Warnings: Err … pedophile activity


( Viva la Ballistimus! )


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